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The road through Soho.

I have been taking my Leicas with me everywhere I go these days and shooting the streets with these compact machines are just a wonder. Now that I have gone Leica, I wonder why I didn’t start earlier. I have found that so far the combination of the quiet shutter, the unassuming classic body, the compact lens design all contribute to this Leica ‘stealth’ which allows the photographer to get closer to their subject. Actually, I think this stealth is more the fact that people around feel more comfortable in the vicinity of such a small camera, as opposed to the monster of an SLR which my D700 is. This comfort level does seem to encourage me to take more photos. I took the camera out for a photowalk with a photo buddy, Mark around Soho, Leicester Square, Chinatown and through to the very touristy environs of Covent Garden. Of course, this part of London doesnt really need much introduction, famed for food, shopping and theatre – it is the hub of entertainment. I am told that the red light district in Soho is quite sterile when compared to their European counterparts – such is the degree in which this area has mellowed, with time. I like Soho, it is easy to get to, being that it is right in the centre of London, and there is always a cheerful buzz about it during the weekends, plus how can one resist Four seasons Roast Duck in Gerard Street right?

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  1. agapanthus blue Says:

    January 14th, 2011 at 3:02 pm

    My local TV station reported this morning that, due to dwindling bank accounts, the majority of people in the U.S. are turning to victory gardens. I’ve been considering doing this myself.

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