Photographs by Kang

Food Photographer living in London producing delicious material, and other related documents.

You make me feel brand new

Welcome to my revamped portfolio site. I felt it was time for a reboot because the last one threw up too many compatibility issues. Where the last theme was centred around a wow factor, it was restrictive. Now it’s about getting straight to the point, quickly.

I really like iA‘s ideas about revolutionising the way we read and consume digital media, and how there is a shift toward a much more organic web that moulds to the reader experience. I wanted something alot more practical, and also something which could display uniformly across all browsers. The iA template made a lot of sense since it was relatively affordable, it is a proven design from a totally awesome design agency and they were using it anyway. What I valued most was the modular design, everything can be changed, the css is simple enough to re-jig, and typography looks great with the open ended frame.

Digital c41

I like the idea of photography books, and have somewhat been obsessed with finding a digital equivalent which can reproduce the mystique of flipping through a paper movie. The Americans for the digital age. I really like Deep Sleep Magazine. At the same time, I find myself stocking up the fridge with packs of Portras. Film rocks.

The Photographs

My portfolios are categorised above and are flash enabled slideshows. If you hover your mouse over the left-middle, it will go full screen. Otherwise, it works as a windowed 1000px wide frame, which should be large enough for most screens. I will add more work as time goes by. Currently I have three albums online : Food, Inside Restaurants and Kate&Dipo (a wedding). Click on one and enjoy the show.

Anything Else

I write photography related blog posts on occasions when I feel like talking about something that inspired me. The entire backlog is filed under Articles. Would love some feedback on the design, if something doesn’t look right, just shoot me an email.

I’m based in London, I take pictures of food firstly then everything else and if you want to use me for a project, my contact details are below. You can read more about me here.

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