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Black and White and Me.

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

As much as I love colours, there is something so romantic, so eloquent and so mystical about black and white which I cannot really describe. Some say that a photograph is a window to one’s soul, and that window can only be unlocked when all the distractions are stripped away in a monochromatic image – the true essence of the subject in the photograph. One’s eye wanders the picture.. you see the man’s eyes, and then the woman’s hand, and then her eyes and then you see a moment shared between them, before you eyes wander past the man’s shoulder to notice a reflection of another man, arms crossed and a double image, a reflection, or a ghost?

As much as I love photographing food in all it’s vibrancy, my heart belongs to the streets, and I put away my pretensions and see the world, as it was meant to be, photographed.

My black and white images now available for browsing.

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